Young parents

Family structure and typology
The family is a natural group in which stereotypes of interactions arise over time. These stereotypes create a family structure that defines the functioning of its members, delineates the range…

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How to organize family leisure correctly
Leisure - a set of activities aimed at satisfying the physical, spiritual and social needs of people in their free time and associated primarily with recreation and entertainment: reading, games,…

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The next point that family psychology pays attention to and which I consider very important is responsibility. Personally, it is difficult for me to imagine a normal, at least more…

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Why am I not interested in having a baby

Sometimes, parents do not want to play with their children at all due to their workload, and the thought creeps in: “I Am not interested in my child.” Parents of teenagers also have similar doubts about their own worth, and then it is not about the game, but about more serious things – problems in communication and the loss of common interests.
The situation is unfavorable, how can parents cope with it?

In the Studio of the TV channel” Soyuz “in the author’s program” Learning to grow with love”, the psychologist Maria Parshenkova, a consultant at the parish of the Smolensk icon Of the mother of God (Leskolovo village), shared her view on this urgent problem. Continue reading

What should a therapeutic fairy tale be?

For each age — its own heroes. Children 3-4 years old will be suitable stories about little people or animals, toys. Children from the age of 5 already need fairy tales about fairies, princes, and various wizards. Teenagers are most suitable for parables or household tales.

A fairy tale should have a clear plot.

String. Here we get to know the characters and the environment.

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What should be a fairy tale?

It turns out that a fairy tale can cure everything, overcome any psychological problems and bring up the most reasonable and kind? Of course, there is no universal medicine, it is impossible to cure everything. But it is also unwise to underestimate the possibilities of a fairy tale.

Raising a fairy tale: how to choose the right fairy tale and how to tell it in the wonderful book by R. M. Tkach “fairy tale Therapy for children’s problems” all fairy tales are distributed according to specific problems of young children: Continue reading

Seven things that children really need. – Advice from psychologist Katerina Murashova

1. Confident adults
You keep asking your child where they want to sleep, what they want to eat, or trying to figure out what’s better for them. It turns out that adults follow the child, and not Vice versa. It often happens that a child “leads” four adults at once-mother, father, grandmother and grandfather. It is unbearably hard for a child. This is an absolute guarantee of neurosis. Its resources are being rapidly depleted, it starts to act up out of the blue, becoming aggressive, not sleeping, not eating. Continue reading

How to plan family leisure time: 5 tips

To have an interesting and useful family leisure, you must plan it in advance.

5 tips for leisure planning

First, you should talk to your family and find out what they would like to do next weekend. If everyone has different desires, find a compromise. Make a list that includes the interests of each family member. Coordinate with them a plan of action for the next weekend.
Start preparing for the upcoming event. For example, you decide to go skiing with your family on a weekend. So mom has to prepare the appropriate uniforms for the entire team of skiers, and dad has to prepare the skis. Continue reading

Ideas for family leisure
Leisure is our free time, not occupied with matters related to work duties. Family leisure - time spent together for pleasant activities - a joint walk, Board games, conversations, etc.…


5 options for a relaxing family holiday
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Readiness for family life
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Baby Shower: ideas, contests and scenarios
At the end of the 19th century, the tradition of baby shawur was born in America and the countries of Western Europe - parties for the future mother and her…