Ideas for family leisure
Leisure is our free time, not occupied with matters related to work duties. Family leisure - time spent together for pleasant activities - a joint walk, Board games, conversations, etc.…

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Winter crafts from colored paper and cardboard: 4 ideas for children

Winter is the best time for crafts with children. Shreds of fabric, shiny foil, paints and natural materials will help you with this. However, even if the weather outside the window and you are not stocked up with any materials, you can still do creativity from what is always in the house: pieces of cardboard, colored paper and glue.
1. Snowflakes
Probably the most favorite winter craft – which of us in childhood did not cut snowflakes from old newspapers or tissue paper? With some skill in this art, unprecedented miracles can be achieved, but even the smallest children can cope with simple forms. With ready-made snowflakes, you can decorate the house or stick them on the windows to a soap solution to create snowfall even on warm days.

Required: thin color or white paper, safe scissors, pencil.

Cut a square out of paper. Fold it several times, as shown by step-by-step photos, and draw a line with a pencil pattern. Carefully cut the snowflake along the lines, taking care not to cut the paper across.
2. Lodges
Another famous winter craft from colored, craft or white paper. Such houses can be an excellent decoration for the whole winter, and if you make them out of cardboard and put inside a small electric flashlight, you will get a real lamp with your own hands.

You will need: a pre-printed or painted house template, paper and cardboard in different colors, scissors, stationery glue.

scheme of a house made of paper, winter crafts

Cut a pattern and circle it on colored paper. Cut the blank of the house. If desired, draw tiles on the roof, and doors on the walls. Older children can cut windows, but the kids with this work until they themselves can not cope. When the workpiece is completely ready, swipe along the fold lines with the blunt side of the scissors to bend them easily. Lubricate the sides with glue and assemble the house, holding each gluing line with your fingers for 2-3 minutes, so that the glue seizes.
3. Origami Snowman
Children of 5-6 years old, with a little help, can make winter crafts from colored paper using the origami technique. Origami or the art of folding out of paper develops logical thinking and provides basic spatial orientation skills.

origami snowman – scheme

A detailed workshop on creating a snowman out of paper

Required: a square sheet of paper, best of all, double-sided, colored pencils or felt-tip pens.

Fold the paper diagonally twice to make a cross. Then fold the corner to the center and bend the corner up. Smooth the fold line and bend back. Bend the corner to the line of the fold just made twice, as shown in Figures 3-4. Flip the sheet. Bend the sides, as shown in Figure 6. Make a small sill, bending first upwards on the upper dash line in Figure 7, then down. Bend the sides again to the center. Open and straighten the “ears”, as shown in Figure 9. Bend the bottom corner up to the edge. Flip over. The snowman is ready! It remains to draw his eyes and nose with a carrot.
4. Hand Gauntlets
These mittens will appeal to children of any age, especially when it comes to tearing pieces of paper! They look good suspended by a string on the window, like a real dream catcher, and inventing ornaments evokes imagination.

children’s crafts – mitten of paper

You will need: a sheet of white paper, pieces of colored paper, clippings from magazines and newspapers, small sequins, scraps of ribbons or sequins, stationery glue.

Circle the child’s palm on paper to get mittens. Tearing off pieces of multi-colored paper, glue them inside the contours, being careful not to go beyond the lines. When the glue dries a little, glue the sequins, sequins and ribbons, if you have any. Cut mittens, make a hole in their upper part and thread a thread in them.

Working with paper is the simplest and most accessible form of children’s creativity. We chose for you those winter paper crafts for children, which can be done with little or no preparation, having only a little multi-colored paper, cardboard or foil. Use them when bad weather makes you stay home!

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