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Baby Shower: ideas, contests and scenarios

At the end of the 19th century, the tradition of baby shawur was born in America and the countries of Western Europe – parties for the future mother and her baby. The name comes from the words “baby shower”, that is, literally “rain for the baby.” And it really is a real rain of plenty: at such a party, a pregnant woman is surrounded by attention, care and give gifts. The holiday is carried out at 7-8 months of pregnancy, when the woman is still feeling quite well, and there is no danger of premature birth. In recent years, this tradition has become popular in Russia.

Baby Shauer Party

Baby Shower party – why is it?

For relatives and relatives of women, this is a good opportunity to express their love, attention and friendly participation in her, to share the joy of the upcoming event, to exchange positive experiences. This will help the pregnant woman stay calm and in a good mood until the very birth.
Baby show is not only a celebration of attention and gifts. Many parents know how important it is to prepare for the appearance of the baby in advance and without haste. Properly selected gifts can make life easier in the first weeks after giving birth, giving a woman the opportunity to recover.
When the baby is born, he will already have everything necessary. And close people, having seen that their gifts have come to the heart of the child and his mother, will feel a sense of gratitude and will be more willing to provide the necessary help.
How to spend baby show?

There are several options for holding this holiday.

In the classic scenario, the baby shower party is a bachelorette party. He is called both experienced, already held mothers, and young women without children. Baby Shauer is a very personal holiday, so it is best to invite only the closest people, next to whom a pregnant woman will be pleased to note the appearance of her baby. Sometimes men are also called to a party, but their presence can cause embarrassment, especially for the expectant mother herself.

Baby showers are arranged by general arrangement or secretly when the pregnant woman does not know which holiday she was invited to. Most often, the holiday is held in the house of one of the close friends of the future mother, but if there are many guests, then you can spend it in the restaurant.

An invitation to a baby show is sent no later than 6 weeks before the upcoming birth. The festive room is decorated, an easy, festive menu is made, gifts and congratulations are being prepared. It is best if the expectant mother herself draws up approximate lists of gifts so that the baby has everything that is needed, and at the same time does not have 10 identical costumes.

During the holiday, guests communicate, give gifts, discuss the upcoming replenishment, surround the pregnant woman with care and attention. Depending on the imagination of the organizer, the script for a baby show may also include various contests and entertainment, as well as photo and video shooting. At the end of the holiday, gifts are unpacked so that everyone can enjoy the cute little things for the baby.

Ideas for Baby Shower
You can make your own baby shower decoration. The most popular themes are color (blue, pink or yellow), marine and vintage, but the theme of the holiday depends, first of all, on the tastes of its main guest.

table decoration

For decoration on baby show use:

Balloons of different shapes, with inscriptions.
Balls and fans made of tissue paper.
Wreaths of cardboard wrapped in multi-colored fabric and ribbons.
Collage of cut out photographs and drawings on a children’s theme.
Flags of paper.
Photos of a pregnant woman and her family.
Pictures and figures with children’s prints.
Baby clothes hanging on clothespins.
Satin and nylon ribbon bows.
Multi-colored cubes and children’s toys.
In stores with needlework, they sell whole sets of paper, felt and shreds of children’s-themed fabric that can be used to decorate a baby shower.

Separately equip a place where the expectant mother will sit. It can be a chair, a comfortable sofa or a rocking chair.


Gifts for baby show for expectant mother and baby
What to give to expectant mother if she herself has not left any wishes? Here is a list of the top 10 gifts that will always come in handy:

Accessories for bathing and hygiene: a baby towel with a corner, a bath stand, a funny thermometer, a set of baby hygiene products, rubber toys, diapers.
Sling scarf or with soft cotton rings.
Baby monitor with breathing monitor function.
A set of waterproof bibs with a pocket where uneaten food accumulates.
A portable deck chair that you can take with you to any room so that the baby is not afraid to be alone.
Pillow for feeding.
White noise generator or musical night light.
Toys with cherry pits inside – they are heated and used to soothe colic.
Children’s books from a dense cardboard.
A disk and a book with lullabies, for example, from Natalia Faustova.
Festive table on baby show
The refreshment is served as a buffet so that you can eat without stopping the holiday.

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