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New status

Before marriage, few couples live together, so understand that the girl will not look the same as Dating.

When you see her several times a week, she is always beautifully dressed, made up, and in a good mood. When people start living together, they are often not prepared for the fact that their partner is a living person.

Your girlfriend may be ill, she may be in a bad mood. At home, she will wear funny pajamas and curlers. If you are confused by something that is preparing for your marriage, problems can begin.

You have to be prepared for things that were previously hidden to come out. Your girlfriend doesn’t have to wear makeup every day just to please you. She doesn’t always have to be reserved and wise.

You don’t always look your best, either. And you snore. And she still loves you. This is a normal family relationship.

Psychology of family relations-photo 2

2. The main goal of family life.
Almost no one asks this question before the wedding. Being together is not a goal. It is a desire, a need.

The goal cannot be to have children. Children will grow up and leave you, then it turns out that marriage is no longer necessary?

Have you asked yourself why you want to marry this woman? Why is it so important for you to do this? Why is it not enough for you to just live together?

Until you find out for yourself the main purpose of family life, you will not be able to understand how suitable your girlfriend is for you. Until you know what you want, you will not be able to understand what qualities your ideal partner should have.

3. A family is two adults.
You need to remember that a real family can only be created by two adults and independent people.

If you understand that a girl on any occasion runs to consult her mother, how can she build a family? She can’t build her own life without hints. The girl chooses for herself a model of behavior of a little girl who is not ready for adult and independent life.

Dependence on parents is what has destroyed so many marriages.

Do you want to communicate with a girl in the same language? Do you want to understand it? Do you want to conquer it?

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4. The main functions of the family.
Love is a need of every person. And it is easiest to implement it in the family. But in order for a marriage to be successful, you need to remember other needs.

What are the main functions of the family?

For example, a material need. If there is not enough money for the most important and basic things, problems begin in the pair.

Another function of the family is to lead a joint life and economy. Yes, it seems absurd to you now. But when your wife refuses to have sex for two weeks because you didn’t fix your locker, you’ll feel differently about it.

And another equally important function of the family is emotional support and communication. Try to be a support for your wife, listen to her problems and spend as much time with her as possible.

5. The meaning of sex in family life.
It happens that after marriage, problems begin in the sexual life.

It used to be new and intriguing. Now you see your wife in a dressing gown at home, without hair and in a bad mood.

The problem is that you haven’t changed your mind yet, you haven’t realized that everything is going to be different now. Because of this stress, sex can disappear. You can’t bring it to this state, because the next step will be treason.

Family psychology encourages you to be Frank. Just sit down stupidly and discuss the problem. Perhaps you will say that you are not satisfied. She will voice her grievances. It is normal to talk about sex and discuss problems of this kind. It’s not normal to be married and not have sex. Be ready to re-explore and discover its hot spots, experiment, and be interesting.

Psychology of family relations-photo 3

6. What is the difference between the role of husband and wife in marriage?
It is very important to correctly assign roles in the family. The man is the breadwinner, and the woman is the Keeper of the hearth. Nothing has changed in so many centuries.

Of course, you don’t have to take everything literally. But the General trends remained the same. Everyone in the family has their own area of responsibility.

As soon as a woman begins to manage, earn money and make all the important decisions, you can consider that the marriage is over. Like your balls.

Similarly, a man should not stay at home. This will relax him, and his wife will no longer see him as a person to rely on. Maintaining a balance in relationships is one of the main rules.

7. The role of children in family life.
When you have children, then a new crisis can begin in the relationship, which you do not even know about now.

For example, your wife can devote all her free time to the child, depriving you of attention. This often happens in young families. And you want affection, support and care. And you can start looking for it on the side.

Infidelity with the appearance of a child is a common practice that has destroyed more than one family.

You need to understand that you should always be in the first place for each other. You need time that you can spend together. That sex should not disappear from the relationship when a child appears in the house.

Therefore, a nanny is always a good way out.

Psychology of family relations-photo 4

8. Head of family.
The first year is the most responsible for a young family. Sometimes a wife wants to do everything for her husband, makes concessions, takes his side in everything and does not contradict him. But sometimes this can lead to serious consequences.

She wants to please so much that she starts doing everything herself, just to make him feel good. Ceases to be a wife and performs the functions of a mother. And he gets used to not taking responsibility, not making any decisions, and just going with the flow.

You must teach your wife that it is normal for her to come to you for advice, tell you about her problems,and ask for help with them. Family is a difficult job

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