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Children’s calm games before going to bed – the key to a quiet evening

Evening is a special time of day when the body prepares for the long-awaited rest. However, often in families with children, the evening turns into the noisiest and most active period of the day. People say that by the evening the children are attacked by a “bouncer”, which is why they can’t calm down and jump around the house.

This behavior is due to the fact that during the day a tension accumulates in the children, which they are not able to relieve. Children still do not know how to cope with an overabundance of impressions and events that happened during the day, and therefore they throw out such tension in the form of increased activity. The task of parents is to teach children to get rid of emotions accumulated during the day with more suitable and useful methods, and calm games with a child before bedtime can help them.

Such games can be part of an evening ritual for the whole family, and can be a preparatory stage on the way to sleep. They have a beneficial effect on the children’s psyche, help to seamlessly integrate into the regime of the day after trips or other distracting factors.

The best children’s relaxing games and activities for all ages

calm games before going to bed

All calm games at home for children are usually divided by age: for babies up to 2 years old, from 2 to 4 years old, from 4 to 6 years old and for schoolchildren. Of course, this division is conditional, and if you have several children of different ages, you can very well combine them in one interesting game.

Best of all, if at first the parents will help the children. They should not only organize an evening game and explain the rules, but also by their example show how exciting and interesting games for the night can become.

1. Joint drawing – “The magic bag”.

The host draws a bag on a large sheet of paper and tells that it is magical. Everyone can draw in it everything that he likes. Children and adults draw in a bag in turn. As experience shows, such a joint drawing is very close. In addition, along with a calming effect, this game helps parents learn about their child’s secret dreams and desires, as well as his possible hidden anxieties.

2. “Silence.”

Everyone stops talking for 2-3 minutes and listens to the sounds around: birds singing, the noise of cars outside the window, the ticking of the clock. When time runs out, you need to talk about what I heard. Children start first. Such a game develops attention, helps to notice details in everyday life.

3. “Treasure Box”

Collect various small objects in a box (beans, colorful paper clips, shreds, pumpkin seeds painted in different colors, pasta in the form of various figures, shiny foil, small toys, etc.). With the help of scissors, glue and threads, collect from all this wealth useful or funny gizmos: beads, pictures, figures. Let the children show their imagination and do not limit them in their activities! If you have kids who are still too early to hold scissors in their hands, then you can arrange the treasures from the box by color or shape. You can figure out what these pieces of cloth look like or try to choose the largest and smallest item. “Treasure Box” develops imagination, a creative outlook on the world, helps to calm down before going to bed.

4. Riddles.

This children’s quiet game is suitable for children who already know how to talk. There are several varieties of it. You can just make riddles to each other, inventing them on the go. You can make a word, and everyone else should ask questions in turn, trying to guess it. Depending on the age of the children, questions may have limitations, for example, you can only ask “yes” and “no” or just what is in the house. This game develops speech, logical and associative thinking.

5. “Dr. Aibolit.”

A doctor and several patients are selected. The doctor should examine all the patients and prescribe a “treatment”: for example, put a pillow on his stomach and take a deep breath several times, or offer to drink a cup of water with his eyes closed, or pat the patient with a peacock feather all over his body. Try to collect a suitcase with “medical products” in advance to provide the doctor with space for work. This game develops imagination and helps to tune in to rest, especially if the child himself plays the role of the patient.

6. Cards and puzzles.

Collaborative folding of paired cards, memory games, simple puzzles also help calm down before going to bed.

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