Family leisure is a type of developmental activity that provides opportunities for active recreation, consumption of spiritual values and personal development of all members of the family team, taking into…

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Children's calm games before going to bed - the key to a quiet evening
Evening is a special time of day when the body prepares for the long-awaited rest. However, often in families with children, the evening turns into the noisiest and most active…

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Important components of family education
Important components of family education are: climate of family education (traditions, comfort, relationships); mode of family education; content of leisure activities. The family is the first social environment in which…

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15 exciting ideas on how to keep your child busy at home in the evening

Evening is the best time to establish intimacy with your children. Joint games and performances, reading aloud and needlework, water procedures and memories of one’s childhood – probably every family has their favorite activities for this time of day.

activities for children at home

In addition to the unifying role, the evening carries another task: to help the child’s body calm down and get ready for bed. We already wrote a little about evening classes and games in the article “Children’s calm games before bedtime – the key to a quiet evening,” however, all children are inherently inquisitive, which means they always want something new.

We offer you 15 exciting new ideas for joint evening classes that will help you once and for all to solve the question of what to do with children in the evening!


What to do in the evening for children 1-3 years old

lavender salt

1. We are looking for color! Lay out sheets of multi-colored paper on the floor and try to collect together with the child an object of the same color on each of them. For example, put a red ball, a pair of red socks and a red typewriter on a red sheet.

2. Lavender salt. Pour a little ordinary table salt (the best whole meal) in an airtight container, add 5 drops of lavender essential oil and 2-3 drops of purple food coloring (optional). Shake everything thoroughly to mix. Pour the finished salt into a baking sheet with high sides and offer the child. Such salt not only promotes relaxation, but also develops fine motor skills, imagination and perseverance. Immerse your hands in it, dig with your fingers and spoons, draw a picture on it with your finger or a fork, make prints of various objects – you can come up with a million games with lavender salt! It holds its shape much better than cereals or sand, almost does not crumble, and the aroma of lavender will have an additional relaxing effect.

Caution: Do not use if you are allergic to lavender!

3. Evening “make-believe.” Offer to put your favorite doll or car to bed, carefully observing all stages of the evening ritual. Let the child first feed, then bathe, and lay the toy in the crib, then tell the tale and sing a lullaby. It is best if you will do part of these steps together.

4. Games with a blanket. This game is especially suitable for those children’s blankets that have an unusual pattern or are created from separate pieces. Let the bends and turns of the pattern on the blanket become an exciting way for your favorite toy or just for little fingers. You can invent fairy tales about flowers on a duvet cover, study geometric shapes by ornaments or just hide under a blanket.

5. Salty dough with chamomile. Who in childhood did not make figures from salt dough? We suggest you expand this idea and make such a dough with a decoction of chamomile flowers. To do this, brew a little chamomile in 250 ml of hot water. When the water cools down a little, strain the broth and add 2 cups flour, 0.5 cups salt and 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil to it. Knead the dough. You may need some more flour. The result is a soft, very elastic and aromatic dough, which is much more interesting to play with than with ordinary plasticine.


What to do with a 3-6 year old child in the evening? Lesson Ideas

ideas for games with children

1. Magic bottles. Fill small plastic bottles with various small items: unusual buttons, feathers of bright colors, fluffy balls, shells, glittering water, tinted rice. Close the bottles carefully and give to the child. Observing how small objects are poured and poured can become almost meditative, and concentration of attention will allow you to balance the nervous system and relieve stress.

2. Stringing beads. For such an activity, wooden and plastic beads with large holes are suitable. You can string on waxed lace, ribbon, shoe laces or even a long blade of grass. Such an activity requires perseverance and concentration, and the result will be wonderful beads for mom or a new leash for a toy dog.

3. Audio tales and lullabies. Another answer is what to do with your child in the evening. Pick up audio versions or performances of the best classic tales and turn them on shortly before the evening ritual. And just before bedtime, sing together a few quiet calm melodies or turn on the disk with lullabies performed by Natalia Faustova.

4. A house of blankets. Choose the corner of the room in which the construction of such a house will not bother anyone. A pair of blankets, several clothespins and ropes, scattered pillows – and a cozy nest for evening gatherings is ready! As additional support, you can use existing furniture, chairs or a door jamb. Particularly successful is the offer to have dinner and read before bed right in the house!

5. Box of a young researcher. Such a box should be collected in advance, for several days, and periodically update its contents.

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15 exciting ideas on how to keep your child busy at home in the evening
Evening is the best time to establish intimacy with your children. Joint games and performances, reading aloud and needlework, water procedures and memories of one’s childhood - probably every family…


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