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Quiet games for children 4-6 years old without a tablet and computer

We live in an age of redundant information. Educational games, special programs and cartoons – which of the parents did not use these benefits of civilization to occupy their beloved child? We are used to the fact that information technology has become a part of our ordinary life.

Meanwhile, more and more child psychologists and neurologists are sounding the alarm – children become addicted too quickly! The tablet and computer are gradually replacing real communication. Calm or active games for children, requiring direct contact with the world around them, are gradually becoming a thing of the past.

Many modern children learn to use a computer before reading or even talking normally. This is detrimental to communication skills, vocabulary (especially passive) and behavioral strategies. In addition, excessive enthusiasm for information devices:

significantly slows down the development of speech,
limits fine motor skills
inhibits the development of hearing and touch,
increases the level of nervousness and irritability, as a result of which children are capricious, sleep poorly and even begin to suffer from various diseases of a psychosomatic nature.
“But what to do? – parents ask. “What to do with children in the evening, if not cartoons?”

Especially for you, we have chosen the best relaxing games for children 4-6 years old without a tablet and computer. These games practically do not require any preparation, and you can find all the necessary props at home.


Calm games for children 4-5 years old

1. What should we build a house?

This game is great for a weekend or a holiday. It arouses imagination, teaches you to work in a team, and also helps to master the basic concepts of space, geometric shapes and laws of physics.

Invite your child to build a house from improvised materials.

cardboard house

It can be chairs, blankets, furniture pillows, unnecessary pieces of plywood, a clothes dryer or any other items. The more diverse and unusual your building resources are, the more interesting it will be to play! Be sure to help the child during construction, but let him be the main source of all ideas.

cardboard house – mk

Detailed workshop

Of course, the first few ideas will fail. Use them to explain, show or teach some skill, for example, the ability to tie ropes tightly. And do not forget to build such a house there, it will not bother anyone – the pleasure of building can stretch for several days.


2. Fabulous artists.

This game trains fine motor skills, develops artistic taste and imagination, helps to concentrate. It is suitable for everyday life, as it helps relieve stress after a day in kindergarten.

Choose one or two favorite fairy tales and invite the child to draw something simple (an apple, a car or a dog), as if the hero of the fairy tale painted it. For each picture you need to use other materials. For example, let Malvina first depict her poodle Artemon with colored pencils, then a house with paints, and flowers from her garden with something unusual.

As such unusual materials, you can use paraffin or soap, on top of which watercolor, fruit juice or other colored products are applied, tinted laundry detergent or semolina, shaving foam. In addition, you can use ordinary paints, but draw with a sponge for washing dishes, a piece of gauze, a leaf from a tree, toes, or even shoe laces.

Watercolor + wax crayons. Many more ideas for children’s creativity – here.

calm games for children – watercolor and wax crayons

You will find a master class on this site.


3. What is it?


This is a classic game that will decorate your family evening. It structures speech, helps the development of logical and imaginative thinking.

Collect a few small items in a bag or opaque bag. It can be toys, household items, kitchen utensils, clothes – anything. The only condition is the familiarity of the child with this subject. The host takes the bag, turns away, takes out something and tries to describe in a few words (usually adjectives) what is in his hands. Other participants must guess. For example, the presenter took winter socks from a bag. He says “knitted, warm, received from my grandmother.” The one who guessed becomes the leader.


4. Games with cards and paper.

These include paired cards for the development of memory, puzzles, mosaics and children’s card games. They are great for any day of the week, but require some preparation.

If you don’t have such games, try to draw a color picture (or paint the finished one) with your child, then cut it into pieces and fold it again. Also, children are very fond of independently inventing and drawing board games, the rules for which they also develop themselves.

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