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DIY winter crafts with children 4-7 years old!

In winter, there is often bad weather, which means that sooner or later the question will arise: what to do? When books, cartoons and board games are already tired, joint creativity will come to the rescue!

We have prepared for you the ideas of interesting winter crafts with children with their own hands. For them, you will not need to buy anything special, they are made of materials that are in any home.

Winter crafts for children 4-5 years old
1. It is snowing!
All children love finger paints – it’s fun and interesting!

You will need: colored paper, glue, scissors, white paint or toothpaste. Instead of toothpaste, you can use gouache, but the paste lies smoother and more accurate, and it is easier for young children to work with it.

Think about where it will snow on your craft. It can be a forest (green trees) or a city street (car, houses).
Cut out the necessary elements from colored paper in the simplest form.
Let the child stick them on paper to make a backdrop for snowfall.
Squeeze out the toothpaste on the saucer. The child puts his index finger into the paste and puts an imprint – snow slowly appears in the picture.
Such drawings can be kept as a keepsake or presented to relatives as winter cards.

2. Finger games with snowmen.
Some winter crafts for children require printing patterns. These little snowmen are just such.

snowmen – template
Download the finished drawings, cut them and glue them to the size of children’s fingers. From such snowmen you can arrange a real performance, play a famous fairy tale, replacing all the heroes with snowmen, or learn to count to five. It’s so easy and fun to learn, when instead of fingers you have funny snowmen!

3. The magic snow globe.
Do you know such wonderful balls in which snow falls if you shake them? With a little work, you can make a similar magic ball out of paper.

magic ball of paper and cotton – the idea of ​​crafts with children

You will need: colored paper, cotton wool, stationery glue of a transparent color, some PVA glue.

From colored paper, cut the ball and stand for it.
Draw 2-3 Christmas trees on green paper and cut them out.
Let the child stick them in their place.
In a small bowl, dilute the PVA glue with water to a liquid state (approximately in a ratio of 1: 1).
Moisten the hands with the child in this solution, pinch off a piece of cotton wool and roll the ball. A weak glue solution will help the ball quickly take the desired shape.
Make 12-15 balls.
After washing your hands so as not to leave dirty traces on the craft, stick the balls on paper, as if real snow is falling on the Christmas trees.
This ball will be a great gift for friends and relatives, as well as decorate the apartment during the winter.

Winter crafts with children 6-7 years old
1. Fingerprint snowman.
A more complicated version of finger-painting is a real snowman!

You will need: a sheet of colored paper, paints of different colors, white toothpaste.

On a piece of colored paper, draw the outline of a snowman. This will be a clue for the young artist.
Squeeze out a little toothpaste in the saucer or the lid of the jar.
Let the child put his finger in it and begin to print on the sheet, following the outline.
When the snowman is ready, with the help of color paints, make prints for the eyes, carrot nose and broom.
The finished snowman can be framed as a picture, or glued to a folder for other winter children’s crafts with your own hands.

2. Penguin from the footprint.
Another craft with children on a winter theme in which you can get dirty yourself.

penguin – footprint

You will need: a sheet of paper, orange, black and white gouache paint, a brush, glue, scraps of colored paper or ready-made eyes for toys (if any).

Brush black paint on the children’s foot and make typos on paper.
When the paint is completely dry, paint the wings, breast and beak of the penguin, while the fingerprints of the children will serve as paws for the bird.
When the paint is dry again, glue paper or finished eyes.
Such a penguin will cause a smile even for the saddest person, so make it for a sick person and present him with wishes for recovery.

3. Homemade snow.
If it’s rainy and wet outside, and you want to play snowballs, pompons will come to the rescue.

You will need: medium density cardboard, 2 glasses of different diameters, white yarn, scissors or a stationery knife.

The sequence of actions:

Circle the larger glass twice and cut two identical circles.
Inside, they cut round holes with a diameter of a smaller glass. Get two identical rings.
Put them together and start wrapping them with thread, covering the rings with yarn and tightly stacking the threads to each other.
When the rings are completely hidden, carefully cut the threads along the outer edge with scissors or a clerical knife.
The resulting bundle is pulled together with a more authentic thread, tied tightly with two knots and cut the ends.
If you make several of these pompons, then you can play real snowballs!

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