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5 ideas on how to spend an evening at home with your family

Each of us has his own idea of ​​a good holiday on weekends and holidays. For some, it’s to break into unknown countries, for someone it’s to sleep in bed all day, with pizza and films. And there are those for whom the most wonderful vacation is to spend an evening with the family at home. And on the eve of the New Year, this is especially true.

Why is it important?

The modern family does not spend much time together. Even being in the same room, all family members are usually separated and busy with their work. Parents do not know what worries and interests their children, children have no idea what their parents do and feel.

Joint leisure allows you to spend quality and interesting evening time at home, not letting you get lost in the hustle and bustle of classes. This brings together, creates a warm, trusting microclimate in the family and allows all family members to become closer to each other.

Unfortunately, our ideas about a joint vacation do not always coincide with reality. Many simply don’t know how to spend an evening at home! Instead of spending time with interest and pleasure, enjoying each other’s company, we spend time on empty actions and conversations, we get annoyed or rubbish.


How interesting is it to spend an evening?

What needs to be done so that all members of the family feel one whole? How to take evening time without a TV and computer?

We offer you the 5 best ideas on how to spend an evening at home sincerely and interestingly.

1. Pages of memory.

Surely everyone has childhood memories that are especially dear to him. Share them with your loved ones! Tell us how in childhood they chased a cat Masha from the attic, or were afraid of a neighbor’s dog, or ran through an abandoned wasteland, where her mother strictly forbade her to go. Which of the friends did you value the most, and which song did you like when you went to kindergarten? Who was your first teacher, and what delicious pancakes did the old great-grandmother Lucy bake.

Such emotional memories are especially important in families with children under 8 years of age, since it is at this age that it is important that parents from “celestials” become ordinary people, with their likes, passions and secrets. This will allow the child’s psyche to move to a new level of attachment, strengthening intra-family ties. And parents, recalling their childhood, will again briefly become carefree, like children.

For older children, another feeling will be useful – belonging to the genus. Recently, genealogy or the study of its roots, its origins has become a very popular destination. Many work with metrics and archives to learn about the life of their family 50-70 and even 100 years ago. Take out your old photos and try to compose and sketch your family tree.

2. Board games.

Another great way to spend time at home in the evening is with board games. It can be both classic, such as chess or dominoes, or modern, with cards, chips and dice, designed for 3-6 participants.

Joint games help to know each other better, learn to trust and predict the reaction of another person. Many games also contribute to the development of logical thinking and quick reaction. Such classes are suitable for children from 2 years and adults.

3. Family lunch or dinner.

Cook a new dish together. Let each member of the seven get the task, according to his age and capabilities. This is the most convenient time for intimate conversations! Share your thoughts and discoveries, tell us what you liked or, on the contrary, worried in recent days. You will be surprised how willingly your family will get involved in the conversation!

Do not forget to beautifully set the table and slowly, without rushing anywhere, eat everything cooked. Such a family lunch or dinner can make up for the lack of communication between family members, while the time is spent interestingly and with benefit for all at once – regardless of age.

4. Live and learn!

It is no secret that people who have been studying something new all their lives are less susceptible to senile diseases and retain clarity of thoughts for longer. Joint training instills team feelings, the ability to achieve results together, and most importantly – to help those around.

It is not necessary to choose expensive methods of training or to enroll in special courses. Modern technologies allow you to study remotely, in master classes or books. In addition, for sure you yourself can do something unusual, but almost forgotten. Show magic tricks? Build birdhouses? To play guitar? Folding origami figures? Dance tap dance? To whistle the voices of birds?

If you do not know how to spend the evening at home with your family, the desire to learn – and teach! – something new can be a real help!

5. The most favorite.

Share with your loved ones what you like. Let everyone tell you not only about your favorite color, music or book, but also about what personality traits they like in people, which memories please you the most, and what would be the best holiday gift.

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