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What to give to young parents?

When a child is born in a family, it is always a big celebration. The house is immediately filled with new chores, new unfamiliar smells and objects. Relatives and friends of a family with a newborn baby begin to think about how we would please young parents, but in all this fuss they can not always tell them the answer. It is for such cases that I want to offer you these simple tips on what to give parents of a newborn baby, which gifts will really be a pleasant and useful help in their life, and which will only become a useless item in the house.

What to give a parent to a newborn

Now catalogs of children’s stores are full of a huge variety of clothes, toys, furniture for children and various devices to make life easier for young parents. Sites on children’s subjects will bring you dozens of items of goods that, in their opinion, are simply necessary for a family with a newborn. Meanwhile, almost no one will tell you one simple truth: most of these items are absolutely not needed either by the little man or his parents.

In fact, the question “what to give to young parents?” it has only two answers: that which is very useful, but few people guess about it, and that which is absolutely useless, but extremely beautiful. These are the two types of gifts that we will examine in more detail.


Useful gifts for young parents, which few people realize


1. Collection of lullabies – for centuries, lullabies helped babies not only fall asleep, but also developed musically, intellectually, and even treated them. Their gentle, specially selected motives soothe the easily excitable psyche of infants, which makes the children fall asleep faster and stronger.

The project of Natalia Faustova “Lullabies for the whole family” is aimed precisely at ensuring that carefully preserved lullabies carry their beneficial effects in every home. Listening to songs recorded in excellent quality, leafing through a richly illustrated lullaby and singing along, you will not only bring to your family a wonderful tradition of sleeping at night, but you will also become closer to your loved ones, whether children or adults.

2. Sling – ergonomic devices for carrying children have long been a part of everyday life around the world. Sling allows mom to engage in herself, other children and home, while remaining as close to the child as possible.

The constant bodily contact, the physiological position of the baby in the sling, the heartbeat of the mother – all this makes slings so popular among pediatricians and pediatric orthopedists.

Unfortunately, in many regions of Russia, slings and ergorypacks are still a curiosity, which is wary and apprehensive. If you are not sure that a family with a newborn baby will appreciate such a present, and your mother will use your carefully chosen sling-scarf or sling with rings (the two main types of slings for carrying newborns), then give a free meeting with a sling consultant at home. So young parents will be able to see and try different tipi slings and make a decision. The opportunity to organize an on-site sling consultation with a demonstration of various types of carryings is available in almost any region of Russia.

3. Bright rattles with a thin handle-ringlet are a good gift to the parents of a newborn baby. Most modern toys for children have a very thick handle-ring, so often small children just can not grab such a toy well. If you spend a little more time, but are able to find a rattle with a narrow thin pen-ring, you will soon be able to see for yourself the irreplaceability of your gift.

Teethers with special fluid inside are also especially popular among infants. They must first be put in the refrigerator, and then given to the child. The cooling effect helps to relieve a little pain when teething, so many babies bite such toys all day.

4. Chaise lounge – a device like a swing, in which even a newborn baby can be placed. The back of the deck chair is located at a slight angle, so the baby can see not only the ceiling, but also the parents and the atmosphere of the room, while the child himself is lying on the deck chair and not sitting, so it is safe to use it from two weeks old!

If you put such a deck chair in the kitchen, the young mother will be able to cook and eat herself, constantly looking after the baby, while he will not be bored or scared in the room without his mother.

So, if you do not know what to give young parents for the birth of a child, a chaise lounge can be a great option.

5. Bibs made of polyethylene with a pocket – a gift “for growth”, but few young parents can guess to buy it when the time comes. Such a bib will save a lot of nerves and time for a mother who does not have to clean the kitchen after the first feeding.

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