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What can be given to the baby and his parents for christening?

Baptism is a very special event in the life of a child. This is the sacrament of initiation into the Christian faith, a message to the baby of God’s grace. According to church doctrine, this is the spiritual birth of man. Therefore, it is the most important in his life.

As a rule, after the sacrament is performed, its participants go home to celebrate this momentous event. In addition to godparents, close relatives and friends are invited. The question arises before the guests: what to give for christening? There may be many options.

What to give for christening from godparents

According to tradition, the baby receives the most significant gifts from the godparents. By agreement with their parents, they buy a cross or a chain. These things will keep the memory of the person who has presented during the whole life path. And no matter what material they are made of. What is important is the fact of offering them wholeheartedly.

Another wonderful gift for the baby is a silver spoon. The disinfecting properties of silver have long been known to everyone. And, for sure, it will be used for its intended purpose, lure is introduced from it and water is given.

Baptism is a symbolic event of union with the Lord, entry into a new, enlightened life. Thinking what to give to the christening boy in this context, you can opt for an embroidered towel. Ideal if it is hand embroidery.

The answer to the question of what to give to the girl’s christening can be embroidered holiday clothes: a dress or a vest, a bonnet, a diaper. After the sacrament, they can be saved as a memory of entering a new stage of life.

Since it is the godparents who are responsible for the spiritual development of the godchildren, they can present a nominal icon, a Children’s Bible, a Psalter. These gifts carry a special meaning and are imbued with the spirit of an accomplished mystery.

Gifts from other guests

Thinking over what can be presented to young parents, some dwell on the choice of children’s clothing or toys. Yes, all this is necessary for the newborn. But think about how many costumes, rattles, and the like, the baby will receive. Will he have time to blame it all? Or after a single use will things gather dust in the closet?

If, nevertheless, you wish to dwell on this option, it would be better to do everyday things one or two sizes larger. Then the likelihood that your gift will remain in demand will increase.

Another option of what to give to christening parents is gift editions of children’s books or music CDs for babies. From time immemorial, the book was considered the best gift. And this statement is still relevant. Choose the best verified authors.

A perfect gift should bring joy and be useful. Both of these criteria are met by the disc and the book Lullabies for the Whole Family. Such a gift will appeal to any mom. After all, putting the baby to bed is a common problem. A lullaby is an excellent assistant in this matter. They not only calm and help to fall asleep, but they also educate, introduce the world and the native language, and contribute to the development of speech.

The difference between this particular publication and all the others is that the best lullabies were collected and processed to create it, new compositions were written. The main task of the creators is to introduce parents and children to the world of real lullabies, an attempt to introduce the old tradition of bedtime songs.

As you can see, there are many variations on the theme of gifts for Christening a child. When deciding on something specific, remember that this is a very special event in the life of the baby. And a gift to a girl or boy should symbolically reflect the essence of the sacrament.

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