Slavic customs and traditions: the role of a lullaby
Recently, Slavic culture is experiencing a new flourishing. The heritage of this people, Slavic customs and traditions, partially lost during the vicissitudes of the last century, are gradually returning to…

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Quiet games for children 4-6 years old without a tablet and computer
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Ideas for beautiful cards for March 8 with your own hands to mom!

Children love to please their loved ones with handmade congratulations. March 8th is a great occasion to present handmade cards to mom, grandmother, aunt or older sister.

How to make a beautiful card for March 8?

To make greetings with your children at home, you will need colored paper, cardboard, glue and scissors. Ready-made templates and blanks for postcards, which are sold in stores for needlework and scrapbooking, will also be of great help.

1. Flowers from circles.
Any mother or grandmother will be delighted to receive such a cute postcard. Let’s make it together!

Simple but cute card with flowers from circles

Circle several glasses, glasses, or glasses of different sizes on colored paper. Cut them and glue on each other, collecting a “flower”. From blue or green paper, cut the stems. From a piece of colored cardboard, cut a rectangle that will serve as a vase for the bouquet.


Fold a piece of white cardboard in half to make a postcard. Place flower stems on it, glue flower heads from colorful circles on top. Glue a cardboard “vase” below.

Workshop on creating flowers from circles
This simple master class is suitable for parents of children of the younger and middle groups of kindergarten. If the child is still poorly able to cut, do it for him, and entrust the gluing of the details to the baby himself.

MK for creating postcards – glue mugs

1st stage – cut out the circles and glue from each other

MK to create a card – sprinkle with sparkles

Make the middle and decorate the flowers with sparkles

This card can have many variations – with and without a vase, with sparkles, sweets and just flowers from circles. Postcard can be double and single. Its main advantage is that it is very simple and suitable even for very little kids.

And this is one of the variations of the postcard from the circles.


2. Flowers from paper muffins
This card on March 8 with your own hands to mother or teacher will be a good gift from a child 4-7 years old. In the center of the flower, you can stick a beautiful button or a photo of a child.

cupcake paper card

Just glue several paper cupcake tins of different colors on top of each other to make a flower.

3. Flowers from hearts.
Another option for congratulations from a preschool child.

Paper heart flowers

Circle and cut out a lot of hearts of different sizes from colored paper. Fold each one in half lengthwise. Now place them on the cardboard so that you get volumetric flower petals or leaves. The card looks especially interesting if you use 2-3 colors of paper for one flower.

4. Greeting card.
Beautiful postcard on March 8 from a primary school student for mom, aunt or older sister.

Such a card on March 8 will please any mother

Circle the child’s hands from the middle of the forearm to the end of the fingers, carefully drawing lines. Carefully cut out the patterns. Put paper hands on top of each other as if they were hugging something and stick them in place.

5. Origami dress.
An unusual holiday card, which only an older child can handle, from 8 years old.

Greeting card – origami dresses

Beautiful card on March 8 – origami dresses

Fold the dress from a square piece of paper according to this instruction. Glue the dress on the blank of the card in several places, especially pressing it at the folds and around the edges of the dress. When the glue is completely dry, decorate the outfit with shiny felt pens, lettering, rhinestones or small stickers.

The ideas of postcards for March 8 with their own hands are interesting and varied. The older the child, the more opportunities for creativity open before him. In addition to a pleasant and useful pastime, the joint production of postcards brings together and helps to improve the family microclimate.

Slavic customs and traditions: the role of a lullaby
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