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Master class: do-it-yourself Easter cards with children

Easter is one of the main spring Christian holidays. Even non-religious people are happy to get involved in preparing for it. A blossoming willow, an elegant Easter cake, decorated eggs, hares and lambs, among the variety of Easter symbols, everyone will find something for themselves.

In preparation for the holiday, children like to make Easter cards with their own hands, which can then be presented to relatives and friends. To make them, you will need colored paper, glue, scissors and other tools that are in every home.

DIY Easter greeting card templates for kids.
We have collected for you 5 of the simplest and most beautiful templates that you can do with your children today, without any special preparation.

1. Postcard “Easter Egg” – for children 2-5 years old.
Fold a piece of colored paper in half to make a postcard. Draw an egg on a piece of white paper. Let the child cut pieces of colored paper and stick them on the egg, filling it to your liking. When the field is filled, cut the egg along the contour and stick it on the card.

Older children can use a slotted window in the form of an Easter egg or a rabbit, sticking paper on the second half of the card, inside. In addition to pieces of paper of arbitrary shape, strips of shiny paper, tape or even strips of multi-colored adhesive tape look good.

DIY greeting card for Easter

2. Postcard with a painted egg – for children 3-5 years old.
Fold a sheet of white paper in half. In one half, draw and cut an egg. Circle the size of this egg on another sheet of blank paper. This will be a paint coloring template. Use watercolors or gouache as paints.

DIY Postcard – Happy Easter

Let the child paint the pattern with a brush or even fingers to your taste. When the paint is completely dry, cut the template to form, leaving 3-4 cm on each side of the egg. Insert it into the card behind the cut-out form, filling it with a painted background. Glue both halves of the card, securing the picture inside.

3. Postcard “Easter lamb” – for children 5-8 years old.
Another way to make an Easter card is to use cotton wool. Cut a circle of 7-8 cm in diameter from the paper. Let the child roll small balls out of cotton and stick them on this circle. It will be lamb wool. From colored paper, cut out the head and legs. As eyes, you can use ready-made eyes for toys, as well as paper or painted ones. On a colored cardboard, glue first the head and legs of the lamb, then a circle with cotton wool and then a bow and eyes.

Easter card with lamb

4. Postcard “Embroidered egg” – for children 6-9 years old.
On a sheet of thick cardboard, draw an egg and sketch lines for embroidery with thin lines. It can be straight or diagonal lines. For embroidery you will need cotton thread floss or regular sewing thread in 6 additions. For work, stitches are used forward the needle and back the needle, but if the child is already familiar with sewing, then a decorative chain stitch or buttonhole stitch is also good.

Embroidered Egg – Easter Card

It is important that the cardboard remains completely straight during operation. If, after embroidery, it is still crumpled, then the egg should be cut close to the seam line, leaving 2-3 mm, and glued to a new sheet of cardboard.

5. Postcard “Easter Bunny with an umbrella” – for younger students.
Cardboard or wrapping paper is used as the basis for postcards. Cut a silhouette of a rabbit from corrugated bulk paper of gray color, and an umbrella from color – colored paper. Glue them to the base. Draw raindrops, make eyes and a nose triangle out of paper.

Easter card with a rabbit
Use our DIY Easter greeting card ideas to have fun with your children!

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