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Joint active leisure

– helps strengthen the family;

– forms the most important moral qualities in children;

– develops children’s curiosity;

– introduces children to the wonderful world of nature, fostering a careful attitude to it;

– expands the child’s horizons;

– forms the child’s primary ideas about the history of the native land, traditions, and culture of the people;

-brings together all family members (children live the same tasks with their parents, feel involved in a common cause).

Holding a joint family holiday-whether it is family Hiking trips, active holidays at the sea, in the mountains, participation in sports family games– has a beneficial effect on preschoolers and their parents.

Tourism and Hiking are one of the forms of active recreation, rational use of free time for health promotion. They contribute to the development of perseverance, endurance, prevention of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. In addition, family trips help strengthen the family, form positive moral qualities in children, develop curiosity, introduce them to the world of nature, fostering a careful attitude to it. They expand the child’s horizons, form ideas about the history of the native land, traditions and culture of the people. In a family trip, children feel their involvement in the common cause, see what benefits they bring .

Attending sports shows is also a necessary attribute in the organization of family leisure. This is a sure way to spend interesting free time with the whole family, as well as to attract the attention and develop the child’s interest in this sport and sports life in General. Sports shows, as well as other forms of family entertainment, will help strengthen the whole family, develop children’s curiosity, and introduce them to the world of sports.

Family holidays, which have become increasingly popular in recent years in a number of cities, are held in labor collectives or in neighborhoods: “Dad, mom, I am a friendly family”, “Come on, daddies!”and others. They contribute to the upbringing of high moral qualities in children: collectivism, camaraderie, solidarity, responsibility, and their sports character serves to strengthen the health of family members.

Fostering interest in folk traditions. The celebration of New year, Christmas, and Maslenitsa in each family has its own specific content. When using elements of folklore, folk games, fun, round dances, songs in the organization of the holiday, it is possible to introduce the child to the history and culture of their people.

Parents together with their children can:

In winter – you can go skiing with children, ice skating, sledding, Hiking in the nearest forest, Park, sculpt snow fortresses and figures in the yard.

In spring and autumn – take children with you on one-day Hiking trips, make a joint vacation at the sea. in the country, to organize a joint venture yard with outdoor games.

In the summer, to sunbathe, to swim, to have noisy, active games on the street.

Organize joint family readings about a healthy lifestyle.

Thus, leisure activities with a child in the family are an integral part of family education, because during joint games, entertainment, adults are most in contact with the child, and this has a positive effect on the child’s emotions, which in turn affects their health.

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