The great value of every person is health
The great value of every person is health. To raise a child strong, strong, healthy is the desire of parents and one of the leading tasks facing preschool institutions. Parents…

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Important components of family education
Important components of family education are: climate of family education (traditions, comfort, relationships); mode of family education; content of leisure activities. The family is the first social environment in which…

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The great value of every person is health
The great value of every person is health. To raise a child strong, strong, healthy is the desire of parents and one of the leading tasks facing preschool institutions. Parents…

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Summer outdoor games for children! 7 fun games for kids and parents to enjoy

In summer it is so pleasant to spend time outside, especially if the weather is fine and clear! To fully enjoy this time of the year you will be helped by funny and interesting outdoor games for children and adults.

We have collected the most any games for you for any age and any company. You can play them both in the yard and in the country, in nature or even in a forest or park.

summer games for children

Why is it important to play together?

Games in a group, and especially with adults, build trust, improve relationships within the family.
Group games help you relax, look at yourself from the side, feel yourself part of the general. They are often used as a method of psychotherapy when dealing with depression and self-doubt.
Three unobvious rules of summer games for children in the fresh air:

If the playing children vary in age, you need to focus on the older age range, helping and prompting the younger ones. If the age difference is significant (for example, 1 year and 7-8 years), then it is better to organize two different games.
If the game is connected with running, searching or other active activity, an adult should always be near the place of its holding. He watches what is happening and monitors compliance with the rules.
After every 2-3 rounds of active play, children should definitely drink.
summer games for children

Games for children in the air in summer, which you can play right now
1. Cat and mouse – 5 or more children of different ages can play.

Polygonal is drawn on asphalt or ground. The figure should have as many angles as the number of children involved, minus one. If five are playing, then we draw a rectangle, if six, then there will be five corners. The leader becomes the center of the figure, this is a cat. The rest stand in the corners, these are mice. The cat slowly turns around itself, saying:

Mouse, mouse
Sell ​​a corner!

After these words, the mice should switch places, running from corner to corner, and the cat – to catch them. The one whom the cat managed to catch takes her place.

2. Confusion – a game for children of any age and adults.

From the players, “mom” and “daughter” are selected. Mom turns away. The rest of the players hold hands with each other, forming a large ring. The daughter entangles this ring so as not to disengage her hands. You can turn around, crawl under your arms or legs, as under the gates, step over clasped hands and so on. Then mother is asked to turn around and unravel the audience, without breaking her arms. If she succeeded, they choose new mother and daughter, if not, the game is repeated in the same composition.
If less than 5 players take part in the game, use a piece of rope or scarf as an aid to which two participants are holding.

Games for children in the summer outdoors that will require training or equipment

3. Classics “Snail” – for children from 5 years.

On asphalt, a snail with large cells is drawn in chalk, which are numbered from 1 to 15. Two cells in different places paint over – these are the “abysses” that cannot be stepped on. The player takes a small pebble or stick and throws it into the first box, trying not to touch the lines. Then he jumps to the same box on one leg. Then, with the toe of the foot, the player tries to move the pebble to the next cell and jump after it, touching the drawn lines. The first mistake is forgiven, for the second move goes to the next player. The winner is the one who was able to jump the entire snail without touching the lines.

4. “There was a crocodile” – for children 4 years and older.

You will need a jump rope for this game.

The child jumps on it as he can, saying a rhyme:

There was a crocodile, smoking a pipe.
The phone fell and wrote.

With these words, he throws the rope on the ground, folding it with loops. In one of these loops you need to stand on one leg, and the rest of the participants must count to 10 and make the person stand up so that he loses his balance. If the child could not stand on one leg, then he passes the move to the next player. If he coped with the task, he has one more attempt, after which the move still goes on.

5. Fisherman and fish – for children of any age, if they already know how to jump.

Another interesting game in the air for children, for which you need a jump rope.

Participants choose a fisherman who stands in the center. The rest stand around him in a wide circle. The fisherman picks up the rope at one end and spins it on the ground around him, trying to “catch the fish.” Fishes bounce at the sight of a jump rope so that it does not hit them. If the rope touches someone’s legs, he leaves the game. The last most persistent fish becomes a fisherman.

6. “The ball is up!” – For children from 3 years old.

The host throws the ball as high as possible, shouting “Ball up!” At this time, all other players scatter. When the leader catches the ball back, he shouts: “Stop!” Everyone must stop. The leader throws the ball at the players, trying to get into someone. If he succeeds, the leader changes, if not, the game is repeated from the beginning.

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