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The great value of every person is health

The great value of every person is health. To raise a child strong, strong, healthy is the desire of parents and one of the leading tasks facing preschool institutions.

Parents need to take care of the proper physical development of children, regularly engage in physical education with them. Movement is not only a natural need of a person, but also a necessary component of preserving and strengthening their health – physical, mental, and mental.

Any place in the room that should be cleared of extraneous and dangerous things (chairs, stools, breaking objects, etc.) is suitable for exercising with the whole family.)

It will be good if it is permanent: it will discipline and emphasize the importance of classes

physical education and parents ‘ serious attitude to them. Almost all great people at all times began their day with morning exercises: the Chinese sage Laozi meditated, A. S. Pushkin,” with sharp iron legs”, raced across a frozen lake, and M. M. Prishvin took long walks in the forest.

For joint classes, it is desirable to purchase the following equipment: a jump rope, a roller massager, a stuffed ball weighing 1 kg, dumbbells of different weights ( from 0.5 to 1 kg), a gymnastic stick measuring 70-80 cm, a crossbar for pull-UPS (installed in the doorway), a Mat for lying and sitting exercises (for relaxation, static and respiratory), an expander for the development of still weak small muscles of the hand and fingers.

If possible, conduct outdoor activities – in the courtyard, in a nearby Park or square. In this case, you will need balls (football, volleyball, basketball, or simple rubber). It is good if you go out of the city at least once a week for active physical training and walking. In addition to the training effect, encounters with nature enrich the child emotionally and aesthetically. Bring jump ropes, a small throwing ball, rackets, and badminton shuttlecocks. You can run with your child through the woods or walk at a fast pace. And Cycling-so it’s just great! In winter, ski trips are especially useful – an excellent means of improving health, training the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and the muscular apparatus.

C:\Users\ЮккА\Desktop\medium_20100322125433525691.jpg Family leisure should give pleasure to each family member both from meaningful and friendly communication, and from the realization of their needs in movement, knowledge. Then it has a developing effect on children and adults, increases their cultural level.

How do I organize family holidays?

Family holidays contain rich opportunities for the mental education of the child, for the development of all his talents.

“Let everyone remember their childhood, and they will see that a holiday for a child is not what it is for us, that it is really an event in children’s life and that the child counts his days from holiday to holiday… Childhood would be dull and gray if the holidays were thrown out of it…”- noted K. D. Ushinsky.

The history of the holiday

Such a phenomenon as a holiday has a rich history. Holidays have existed for all peoples of the world since ancient times. Historians often begin to consider the history of the holiday from the era of Ancient Greece and Rome. In those days, festivals were held, carefully prepared and organized.

The ancient Greeks loved holidays and engaged in them actively, with great dedication. Free time was organized by them in such a way that it was even more active and active than work. For a reason, most of the ancient Greek holidays resulted in active games and competitions. The peak of such celebrations was the Olympic games, which were held in the specially built town of Olympia once every four years.

Entertainment is a form of leisure organization that involves the use of various games, amusements, attractions in order to get or give pleasure, to distract from everyday worries and problems.

Based on the age characteristics of children and the specifics of the development of various types of activities, entertainment can be defined as a special form of leisure organization for the purpose of giving children pleasure, generalization and consolidation of previously acquired knowledge, skills and abilities.

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