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Organization of family leisure activities in the summer

Today, it is obvious that the most successful child develops, being brought up in two institutions-a family and a preschool. However, in the current state of the country’s economy, children see little of their parents. The organization of family leisure is increasingly becoming the business of an educational institution, although this is not correct at all. For preschoolers, recreation is not only a way to restore strength and improve health, but also an opportunity to add new information and impressions to their knowledge of the world. The variety and richness of world pictures make it easier for preschool children to adapt to changes in the surrounding reality. The formation of family traditions in spending free time is the key to a happy friendly family, in which there is no room for bad habits and misunderstandings, alienation, anger, boredom. A child who grows up on good traditions gradually develops an “IMAGE of FAMILY”, which he carries through his life and, becoming an adult, creates a family based on love, respect for each other and joint common Affairs. Forms of family leisure are quite diverse. This includes family holidays, visits to theaters, museums, joint walks, hikes, games, and much more. The task of parents is to be able to methodically correctly use this or that form of family leisure organization. The most pleasant thing about this process is that the organization of leisure activities depends entirely on each member of the family, and most of all – on the parents. If you just spend the weekend watching TV, and the children sit at computer games, then such leisure is unlikely to contribute to a full rest, development and family cohesion. Unfortunately, not every parent knows that it is necessary to spend as much time as possible communicating with children. Any child needs care and attention, and they are happy to feel your love! And how much joy they cause joint games, trips with mom and dad to the movies or the Park! We all know that the goal of summer leisure is to combine the pleasant with the useful, in particular, to improve the health of all family members and, above all, the child. We all want the baby to be tanned, got stronger, gained a lot of vitamins have received a lot of positive emotions. For a child, it is important that his beloved parents are near, and he was the center of attention. So when choosing a place to stay with your child, rely on the fact that the main thing — that you together were interesting and useful.

Suitable entertainment for the whole family can be both active and passive. Of course, in the warmer months, it is better to spend more time outdoors. At the same time, the whole family can:

– go camping with tents;

– have a picnic in nature;

– organize a walking tour of the city;

– visit interesting exhibitions or museums.

The selection of options for how to diversify a child’s leisure time depends on his age.

What exactly do you choose, the sea, the suburbs, the mountains, Yes, even if it’s a weekend in the nearest Park. All this will depend on your desire, and, of course, on your financial capabilities. Dear adults! Take a break from household chores for a while, remember how long you yourself were children and give your child a little happiness! Finally, I suggest that you read the family code of health, which you can use daily in communication with your family members.

Family health code:

1. We start every day with a smile.

2. When we Wake up, we do not lie down in bed, but look out the window and enjoy the beauty of a summer morning.

3. We take cold water as a friend, it gives cheerfulness and tempering.

4. Active recreation-walking at a fast pace.

5. Let’s be generous with a smile, never lose heart!

6. On holidays and weekends-only together!

If you start organizing your family leisure activities correctly at any time of the year, you will not only strengthen family ties, but also create an atmosphere of love, belonging and unity that will bless your family for many generations to come.

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