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Family and its main functions
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How to organize family leisure and find time for it. Family leisure activities for parents and children

How difficult it is to find time for family recreation when parents work endlessly, and children have either studies or additional classes in clubs and sections! And when free time does appear, the only thing that the household has enough imagination for is watching TV or a collective “meeting” on the Internet.

But shared leisure is also the formation of strong and good family traditions, which are so important for children and the family as a whole.

The interests of children of different sexes and ages do not coincide very often (everyone has their own preferences) — what to say about the interests of children and parents!

But the role of shared family recreation is extremely important-both for a favorable atmosphere in the home, and for the formation of children’s correct attitude to the family.

Despite the difference in interests, it is quite possible to unite a family with one idea. Of course, only if everyone wants, passion for the preparation process and the very conduct of recreation.

Leisure for the whole family – what is it? It can be active (a joint hike in the mountains) or passive (a game of monopoly). The choice of type of holiday depends on the weather, conditions and opportunities — as well as wishes.

Family vacation options:
1. Active game. Ideal if they are held in the fresh air. This holiday will not only give everyone a boost of energy and raise their spirits, but will also be an excellent Foundation for laying a strong child’s health. There are quite a lot of game options, and you can choose the one that will appeal to the whole family-fitness, swimming, playing volleyball or basketball, a family ride on bicycles with a picnic at the end of the road, or skating (roller skating).

2. Dancing. This type of outdoor activity has become very fashionable today, both among adults and children. There are also plenty of places where you can learn to dance as a family. It remains only to choose the direction-classical ballroom dancing or modern. It is not necessary to set a goal-to reach any heights. It is enough just to enjoy the rest.

3. Table games. Option for lazy fans of passive recreation. If you are too tired after school and work, and you do not have the strength for active recreation, you can choose one of the Board games (monopoly, puzzles, cards, Scrabble, etc.), which will attract the whole family. And if you don’t have the strength for it, you can choose an interesting movie for everyone and arrange a family viewing in the home theater on a fluffy carpet and with a bag of “yummy”.

4. Cultural rest. Recreation is not only a beach, barbecue and a sofa with TV. Why not spend your vacation culturally? Learn something new, expand horizons, instill in children a love of beauty. If children are still too young for exhibitions and art galleries, you can choose a circus performance, an interesting Museum, a colorful performance, or even a new cartoon in a good movie theater. Or you can go on a tour of the city corners that even mom and dad haven’t looked at yet.

5. Creating a workshop at home. If your family is all creative households, and everyone has Golden hands, then you can find a common hobby that will save your family from boredom on rainy or frosty weekends, and unite everyone for one creative activity. However, if each member of the family in this workshop will have their own occupation-also not bad. A father and son can design, woodwork, or create robots, while a mother and daughter can draw, quill, make soap, or create toys by felting. Yes, you never know what interesting things to do! And lack of experience is not an obstacle, because today the Network has detailed master classes for any creative activity. And if things go well, then such joint weekends can even be gradually brought to a profitable family business.

6. Family scrapbooking books. An interesting idea that can become a good family tradition. During the week, you need to collect all the little things that we usually put in books and boxes for memory – dried flowers from a memorable walk, tickets from a session of an interesting movie, funny photos, funny flyers from the box and ads from Newspapers, and so on. On weekends, the whole family fills up with these memorable little things in a scrapbooking book, which is supplemented with funny comments from all the household members.

7. Family tourism. If you have enough time and money, then this is one of the most wonderful ideas for family leisure. We are not talking about a trip to the Islands to sunbathe on the Golden sand by the ocean, but about useful tourism that combines interesting excursions and active recreation. This can also include family trips with a tent, fishing rods and a guitar: we teach children to light a fire, live without gadgets, enjoy reality and simple things without the Internet, distinguish edible mushrooms from inedible ones, survive in the forest and find a way out to people by the moss/sun, and so on.

Of course, there are much more classes. We have listed only the most popular and current ones. But the most important thing is not a form of leisure, but the attitude of all the household to it.

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