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Ideas for family leisure

Leisure is our free time, not occupied with matters related to work duties.

Family leisure – time spent together for pleasant activities – a joint walk, Board games, conversations, etc.

Good leisure time is a very important moment in the life of a family, which strengthens relationships, points to family values and creates shared pleasant memories.

That is why planning leisure time, in which there is a place for each member of the family, is no less important than planning work Affairs. Over time, this can become a good useful habit that strengthens your “family ship” and allows you to have a good rest with your family.
Rules of family entertainment

1. Parents and children should be equally interesting together.

2. Leisure should be useful for the whole family.

3. Leisure should help to distract from pressing problems and get positive emotions.
Examples of family leisure
joint classes (gyms, Boxing, swimming in the pool, running, skiing, team sports, etc.);
(monopoly, Scrabble, mafia, chess, Lotto, checkers, backgammon, dominoes, Scrabble);
joint needlework (making your own puppet theater, writing a script for a fairy tale, creating a city from a constructor, assembling transport models, etc.);
the big puzzle or mosaic;
going to the cinema;
going to the theater;
visiting a popular festival;
attending a concert;
visiting attractions;
a visit to the zoo;
visit ;
visiting the water Park;
visiting the planetarium;
a picnic in the fresh air;
trip to the forest;
or the nearest city;
sharing old photos;
viewing a family movie;
a trip to visit the whole family;
General cleaning of the apartment or cleaning the area around the house;
charity (collect and take good, but unnecessary things to an orphanage or to those in need);
write letters and sign postcards to your family and friends, and then send them by mail;
fantasy family photo session (at home or in a photo Studio);
joint ;
master class ( online or live);
family meetings (gather relatives, set the table, come up with entertainment);
riding bicycles, roller skates, scooters;
games (Fanta, Crocodile, Fun stuff, etc.);
joint shopping in a shopping center (it is important to please each family member, the purchase amount for each must be approximately the same and agreed in advance);
joint preparation of a complex, interesting dish (selection and purchase of products for the dish can also be included in this item);
a trip to the library (where everyone takes their time, chooses to read according to their interests, for example, for a week and returns the books that they took the previous week);
theme dinner or theme party with children.
How to plan your family leisure time

1. At the beginning of the week, make a plan for joint leisure activities, taking into account the interests and characteristics of each participant.

2. Plan your leisure day carefully, taking into account other household matters.

3. Inform all family members about planning joint leisure activities in advance.

4. Think over several options for family leisure and choose the most suitable method of universal voting.

5. Select a day or time of day that will become traditionally family-friendly and exempt from most other matters. For example, Saturday is “family day” and/or 20.00-21.00 daily “family hour”, when everyone puts off individual classes and gathers to spend time together.

6. If it is not possible to agree on a suitable leisure option due to different interests, you can introduce small compensatory incentives for dissenters. This will also allow you to consider the interests of each family member in turn, without sacrificing time spent together.

7. Ask each family member to make a list of interesting things to do together and then combine all the lists into one.

8. Plan several leisure activities, such as those that require financial expenses and those that do not. Or leisure with access to the street and home leisure. This will be a good hint for spending time together under different conditions and circumstances.

9. Pay attention to preparation. Ask in advance of the sessions, the cost of tickets, the option for booking, availability, and training needs inventory, addresses of shops with the necessary supplies, etc.

10. Just in case, have a spare leisure option.

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