Baby Shower: ideas, contests and scenarios
At the end of the 19th century, the tradition of baby shawur was born in America and the countries of Western Europe - parties for the future mother and her…

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Important components of family education
Important components of family education are: climate of family education (traditions, comfort, relationships); mode of family education; content of leisure activities. The family is the first social environment in which…

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Ideas for family leisure
Leisure is our free time, not occupied with matters related to work duties. Family leisure - time spent together for pleasant activities - a joint walk, Board games, conversations, etc.…

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How to find time for leisure in the family — and calculate it correctly?

For years, psychologists, educators, and homegrown Internet professionals have been looking for a way to pull children away from computers. There are thousands of ways to do this, and thousands of tips for discouraged parents have been written. But the solution to this problem of the century is more than simple: you just need to spend more time with children.

Of course, when our cute babies become teenagers, it’s too late to change anything (although there are still chances!), but if your children are still young – do not waste time! Even an hour or two spent by parents with children is already great. And find an hour once a day-only for your child (exclusively for him!) even the busiest parents will be able to.

And, of course, family holidays – as a prevention of any adolescent problems faced by modern parents.

How do I find time for this holiday?
Be sure to plan family activities. And we start doing this at the beginning of the week. Naturally, taking into account the wishes of all family members and their interests. Where you go and what you do should be decided over a family dinner when everyone is in a good mood. If you can’t choose something specific because of disagreements, then you can vote.
Next – preparing for the holidays. Children (and parents! they should look forward to every weekend, knowing that they will spend 2 more unforgettable days with their mom and dad.
Do not plan any business for the weekend — and remind your family about it. If someone has urgent business for the weekend, you should be ready to quickly adjust/rearrange the” schedule ” of rest so that everyone gets on it.
Plan 2-3 vacation options “just in case of fire”. Life is unpredictable, and it is better if you have a “plan B” in reserve.
Make a list of family vacation options that will suit your financial needs in advance.
Prepare for your vacation in advance! If you are going to the cinema-find the best cinema, book the best seats. If you are going on a trip, find the most interesting tour, collect all the inventory that you may need. When choosing the option of Hiking together, find the most beautiful place for recreation, fishing and other pleasures.
Note to parents:
What do you remember when you think about your childhood? General family holidays, camping trips with a tent, fun events “on potatoes”, preparing gifts for the new year with the whole family, riding down the hill with the whole family on cartons or on a single sled, and much more.

What will your children remember? You don’t want their most vivid memories to be watching stupid shows or hundreds of likes on a social network, do you?

Find time for your children-no matter how old they are!

Only your personal attention and your sincere interest can distract them from bad companies and actions, instill all the light, good and useful.

We plan leisure time and choose the best options for your family!

Why is leisure planning so important?

Because if you do not prepare, you will definitely have some obstacle to a full planned vacation, and you will have to again be bored at home, eating too much at the TV or computers with the whole family. As a result, there are no positive emotions, no active recreation, and in addition, extra pounds.

Therefore, a clear plan and preparation is a must and the main condition for a good holiday!

Remember the most important rules of family leisure planning:
We make lists of all possible activities that would be of interest to all households. It is better if each family member makes their own list, and then they can be combined into one.
We divide all events into categories. For example, passive, active, financially costly, and so on.
Choose an event for the weekend that everyone should like. For someone who is not very happy with the choice, you need to come up with some encouragement. For example, he chooses the type of vacation for the next family weekend.
We carefully work out the event plan so as not to spoil the weekend. We are also carefully working on the backup option.
And-most importantly. Do not miss this opportunity to spend a warm family weekend with your loved ones. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Lotto and tea with cookies, or climbing to the top – the main thing is that you have a good time together.

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