5 options for a relaxing family holiday
It is interesting to relax with the whole family and at home, playing quiet and interesting games. 5 ideas of games for such leisure we offer to your attention below.…

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5 ideas for active family holidays with children for the weekend
Children love to run, jump, overcome various obstacles, so an active holiday with the whole family will be a real holiday for them. Consider 5 options for family outdoor activities…

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Joint recreation of children and parents
The formation of family traditions in spending free time is the key to a happy friendly family, in which there is no room for bad habits (passion for alcohol, Smoking,…

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5 ideas for active family holidays with children for the weekend

Children love to run, jump, overcome various obstacles, so an active holiday with the whole family will be a real holiday for them. Consider 5 options for family outdoor activities that can be organized for the weekend.

On a campaign

Do not think that you can go Hiking with your whole family only in the summer. Of course, on a Sunny summer day, it is easy to put up a tent, inflate a rubber boat, catch fish, cook delicious and fragrant fish soup. You can play with your child in the ball, teach him to build a fire, together with the guitar to sing Hiking songs. In summer, there is a great opportunity to go Hiking and Cycling. A bike ride is so great. But now it is late autumn, and the first snow has fallen. So, family trips are canceled. Nothing like that.

Why not go Hiking in winter on skis, when the snow creaks under your feet and the sun shines on the snow-covered tops of fir trees. If your child is still too young and can’t stand on skis, then he will be happy to ride down the hill on a sledge, “cheesecake” or ice, play snowballs and together with his father will build a snow fortress. If in the summer you can have a picnic in a clearing and fry shish kebabs, in the winter on the forest edge you can drink a Cup of hot fragrant tea and enjoy your mother’s pies.

Or you can arrange a trip, for example, to a monastery. It is difficult to call this event a hike, but after the service in the temple, you can walk around the monastery’s surroundings. It will be a pleasant combination of pleasant and useful!

Amusement park

This is every child’s dream. If your city has one, then the issue of organizing leisure activities on weekends is solved very simply. After all, in this “fairyland” children are ready to spend at least every day. However, parents must agree with the child on the rules of behavior in the entertainment center and determine in advance the attractions that are suitable for your child’s age. Believe me, adults are no less happy to spend time in such a Park.

Swimming pool or water Park

Almost every city has a swimming pool. And, as you know, swimming strengthens the muscular corset, increases the immune system, heals the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Absolutely all moms love to visit the pool, because swimming allows you to keep a slim figure. There’s nothing to say about children. They are happy to learn to swim with a circle, older children learn to swim on their back with flippers. And dads demonstrate the ability to jump from a tower.

Cultural tourism

Active recreation in nature can and should be alternated with cultural tourism. When going on a tour, choose routes that will be of interest to all family members without exception. After the tour, be sure to exchange opinions about what you saw.

Winter workshop

Call the neighborhood children and parents to the yard and organize a competition for the best ice sculpture. To make interesting ice crafts, you can make blanks in advance. Keep plastic bottles, molds, and plastic boxes filled with water in the refrigerator for several hours. When the water freezes, you will get the perfect building material for creating a variety of shapes. By the way, winter figures are easy to paint. For this purpose, watercolors or ordinary food dye are perfect.

And you can do graffiti or draw a beautiful picture on the snow “blanket”. This way, you will not only have fun, but also transform your yard for the New year. By the way, nothing brings us closer than working together. Your kids will make friends with their peers, and you will get to know your neighbors better.

In this article, we discussed winter entertainment in more detail, but after all, winter is here!

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