I am never so busy as in my leisure hours. Cicero Leisure without spiritual pursuits is the death of man. A. Schopenhauer Leisure is a set of activities aimed at…

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How to find time for leisure in the family — and calculate it correctly?
For years, psychologists, educators, and homegrown Internet professionals have been looking for a way to pull children away from computers. There are thousands of ways to do this, and thousands…

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Calm games for children 5-6 years old
  You can use all already listed calm games for children for older children as well. However, there are two more wonderful games that are suitable for older preschoolers. 1.…

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5 options for a relaxing family holiday

It is interesting to relax with the whole family and at home, playing quiet and interesting games. 5 ideas of games for such leisure we offer to your attention below.

Table games

There are countless Board games available for children of all ages. Here are examples of just three games that received the most rave reviews from consumers.

Board game “baby Mice” or triangular dominoes

The game can be played by children from the age of three. With my parents, of course. Two or more players can participate in the game. By the way, the price of the game is 100 rubles. The chips are triangular in size, made of thick cardboard. All the chips in the corner have a drawing. For example, a mouse mink, a piece of cheese, and colorful mice. The task of the players is to combine the chips so that its face coincides with one of the faces of the triangle. The game develops: spatial thinking, perseverance, attention.

Happy farm game»

This Board game is in demand even abroad. The game can be played by a maximum of 4 people. The winner is the player whose Pets and crops will be better.


This is a Board game for children from 6 years old.

The task of players: to build cities, fortresses, lay roads and earn points on this.

We also advise parents to pay attention to such games as: Dobble, gnomes-pests. These games are designed for children aged five and seven.
Home movie club

There is nothing more pleasant than to sit on the sofa with your family and watch an interesting movie together. In order to organize such a club, parents must collect a decent film library that corresponds to the age of the child. Moreover, the collected films should be interesting for adults as well. After viewing, you can have a discussion, talk about justice and beauty, about the world around us and about life in it.

Such evening “gatherings” perfectly bring parents and children together. They teach children kindness and correct attitude to the world around them.

Recommended movies for primary school children:

Topinambury – two series.
Where it is seen, where it is heard.
Turn on the Northern lights.
The weirdo from the fifth ” B»
The sun in your pocket.
Making toys

Having a box with beads at home, you and your child will make toys, for example, unusual snowflakes. After all, even a five-year-old child can string beads on a string. You can make a delicious snowman from an ordinary white Terry sock and rice. However, you will need more beads for your eyes, mouth and a pompom for your nose. And how many fun toys can be made from ordinary paper.

Creative exhibition

Your child is too small and you do not fit the above classes. We hope you have some cereal at home? Yes, Yes, the usual cereals-millet, rice, buckwheat, semolina. For what? For an exhibition of abstract paintings. For the creation of artwork you will need in addition to grains, a sheet of paper and PVA glue. Cover the table with oilcloth and distribute a sheet of Whatman to everyone, first applying an even layer of glue to it. Take a little cereal and carefully scatter it on a leaf, then another kind of cereal, etc. you will Get a very funny picture. Of course, you can draw a picture on the sheet in advance, and then carefully fill it with grits. It all depends on the age of your baby. This activity is very useful, as it develops fine motor skills. Think Of Montessori. The first exhibition is ready. Hang the pictures on the wall.

The next day, start modeling. A child pulls plasticine into his mouth? Not experience. Prepare a simple dumpling dough and add the usual food coloring. You can use in the process of modeling beans, beautiful buttons, peas, etc. Sculpted figures are carefully placed on the table under the paintings. The second exhibition is ready. You can fantasize endlessly in this regard. Be sure to make a presentation of the exhibition and award participants with prizes. You will find many interesting ideas for modeling with children in master classes with photos.

Scrapbooking books

Do you know what this is? Great, the more interesting it will be for you to master this type of needlework. In translation, this word means nothing else than “book of clippings” This is a real art that allows you to create truly unique things-albums, postcards, books, bookmarks, etc.This technique involves the use of all sorts of things for the design of the product. Today, special sets of decorative elements for scrapbooking are available for sale. Before you start doing this type of needlework, it is best to watch a few master classes on the Internet. Make your own binding for a book or album, bookmark, greeting card – it’s so cool! Try it, we are sure that children of school age will like this activity.

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