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What should be a fairy tale?

It turns out that a fairy tale can cure everything, overcome any psychological problems and bring up the most reasonable and kind? Of course, there is no universal medicine, it is impossible to cure everything. But it is also unwise to underestimate the possibilities of a fairy tale.

Raising a fairy tale: how to choose the right fairy tale and how to tell it in the wonderful book by R. M. Tkach “fairy tale Therapy for children’s problems” all fairy tales are distributed according to specific problems of young children:

fairy tales for those who are afraid of doctors;
fairy tales for hyperactive kids;
for those who experience problems with eating, with the bladder;
fairy tales that help a child cope with the emotions associated with the relationship between parents, with the appearance of a little brother or sister;
fairy tales for aggressive children;
fairy tales that help you survive the loss of your favorite animals or loved ones.
It turns out that a fairy tale can cure everything, overcome any psychological problems and bring up the most reasonable and kind? Of course, there is no universal medicine, it is impossible to cure everything. But it is also unwise to underestimate the possibilities of a fairy tale. And here, as in medicine, it is important to choose the right method and medicine. And use it correctly.

How do I choose the right fairy tale?
To begin with, it is necessary to understand what fairy tales are.

Tales of animals. Very important at the age of about five years — just at this age children often associate themselves with animals. And during this period, it is easier for them to understand the relationship in the world through such allegories.

Household tales. They contain stories about family life, describe conflict and comical situations. They form a healthy sense of humor in older children in relation to difficulties, and help create an image of normal family relations.

Artistic fairy tales. Fairy tales containing elements of myths, parables, and history. This type can also include author’s artistic fairy tales, which, depending on the problem, may contain psychocorrective, didactic and meditative materials.

Scary stories. This category includes tales about evil spirits, witches, goblins and other mysterious unknown creatures. Listening to (or reading) such a fairy tale, the child seems to “live” a deliberately traumatic situation and develops a new reaction, freeing himself from tension and suspense. Such fairy tales are intended for children from 7 years old. The secret of therapy is in the acting skills of the narrator and in the necessarily unexpected and funny happy ending.

Fairy tale. They are most suitable for children aged 6-7 years. Children at this age are already aware of the “unreality” of what is happening, and the wisdom of life is well absorbed by their consciousness.

Didactic tales. These tales are mostly offered in preschool classes. In the course of classes, children often act as co-authors of a fairy tale, they must perform various tasks, because only they, the kids, who have different qualities, possess knowledge and skills, can help the hero, who will eventually be lucky.

The kindergarten teacher Marina Mironova reads “Polite fairy tales” and “Careful fairy tales” every day before a quiet hour, the characters of which get into various dangerous or funny the end of each fairy tale, children get valuable experience and advice. According to Marina Alekseevna, ” fairy tales help kids Express their thoughts and explain the importance or danger of a particular action in an accessible way.”

What to do with fairy tales?
In modern pedagogy, more and more attention is paid to the intellectual development of the child — the introduction of scientific concepts, important for the future life, in the parents ‘ opinion, into his vocabulary. Children gain more knowledge of the material life of adults, although they are often not psychologically prepared for this. Modern parents miss a very important stage of their child’s development — the formation of inner life, emotions, creativity and feelings.

What should parents do if they decide to use “fairy-tale therapy” as a method of education?

To begin with, you just need to…start reading fairy tales, that is, to make reading a kind of ritual. It is not necessary to turn the first reading into a special event, then the child will have more opportunities to dream without hindrance and understand what a fairy tale is for him.

After some time after this “easy” reading, you can try to analyze the story with the child, ask him questions about the behavior of the characters, find out how he evaluates this behavior. It is worth noting that an adult does not need to wait for a quick reaction and correct retelling and judgments. You just unobtrusively tell the child that he can independently evaluate the behavior of negative and positive characters, that he can generally reason, evaluate, reflect, fantasize! And this is very important for a small person!

Further — more: the child can come up with the continuation and ending of the fairy tale, and parents can analyze the child’s condition, observe, “peek”: what excites him, what his relationship with other children, with you, what he is afraid of and what he would like.

Younger children would be interested at this stage to see their favorite fairy tale in a puppet performance, and older preschoolers already want to come up with a dramatization of the magic story themselves and become the main characters.

At this stage, you can already endlessly fantasize, mix fairy tales and remake them in your own way, even compose your own fairy tales.

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