Joint recreation of children and parents
The formation of family traditions in spending free time is the key to a happy friendly family, in which there is no room for bad habits (passion for alcohol, Smoking,…

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Is communicating with the baby effective during pregnancy?
The modern world makes many demands on a pregnant woman. She needs to constantly visit a doctor and take tests, prepare a dowry for the baby and study the theory…

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Parents can be divided into several categories:
parents who believe that leisure activities should not be shared; traditions, except for holidays, have no meaning; joint activities have a narrow family focus; parents who pay attention to joint…

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Why am I not interested in having a baby

Sometimes, parents do not want to play with their children at all due to their workload, and the thought creeps in: “I Am not interested in my child.” Parents of teenagers also have similar doubts about their own worth, and then it is not about the game, but about more serious things – problems in communication and the loss of common interests.
The situation is unfavorable, how can parents cope with it?

In the Studio of the TV channel” Soyuz “in the author’s program” Learning to grow with love”, the psychologist Maria Parshenkova, a consultant at the parish of the Smolensk icon Of the mother of God (Leskolovo village), shared her view on this urgent problem. Continue reading

5 options for a relaxing family holiday

It is interesting to relax with the whole family and at home, playing quiet and interesting games. 5 ideas of games for such leisure we offer to your attention below.

Table games

There are countless Board games available for children of all ages. Here are examples of just three games that received the most rave reviews from consumers.

Board game “baby Mice” or triangular dominoes

The game can be played by children from the age of three. With my parents, of course. Two or more players can participate in the game. By the way, the price of the game is 100 rubles. The chips are triangular in size, made of thick cardboard. Continue reading

What music games can I play with my children at home?

Playing music with children at home is a great help for parents! They combine everything that children love so much: noise, fun and movement! Such games can be played with children of any age, but they bring the greatest benefit from the moment the child acquires walking skills.

The benefits of music games for children
They help children learn to listen to and control their body.
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Joint active leisure
- helps strengthen the family; - forms the most important moral qualities in children; - develops children's curiosity; - introduces children to the wonderful world of nature, fostering a careful…


Relationship between spouses
Also in the field of family psychology falls such an area of knowledge as the relationship between spouses. In fact, some of the things I have already described – conflicts,…


Family and its main functions
The family is the first social community (group) in a person's life, thanks to which they become familiar with the values of culture, master the first social roles, and gain…


The great value of every person is health
The great value of every person is health. To raise a child strong, strong, healthy is the desire of parents and one of the leading tasks facing preschool institutions. Parents…